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A home is not complete without some fun right? Jungle Gym King is in the business of fun. Our wide variety of safe and affordable structures not only bring fun, but are also, proven to stimulate cognitive development and enhance motor-neuron function in your little one. We believe in bringing convenient outdoor fun to your doorstep and aim to deliver sturdy, high quality, customized Jungle Gyms to your home or business. We strive for customer satisfaction by inviting you to make as much input as possible to ensure that our finished Jungle Gym is in line with your vision and your child’s needs. Watch your children grow and develop in the safety of your home through explorative play and adventure…or just join the fun!

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Reasons why you need a jungle gym in your backyard

Children enjoy spending time outdoors. Not only does it make them happy, but being in nature has several benefits for children. Being outside allows your child the opportunity to explore their surroundings. It assists in the development of muscle strength, coordination and self-confidence. All these benefits won’t only help your child in their early years, but these benefits will help them develop into strong, confident individuals.

One of the most fulfilling things to do for your child is to have a wooden jungle gym in your backyard. Read below why you need a jungle gym in your garden.

Safer alternative

As a parent, your first instinct is to protect your children. Although it isn’t safe for children to play at a park nearby unattended, you can bring the park to your children. You can purchase a pre-designed jungle gym in your backyard, making playdates memorable for your children and their friends.

Help stimulates your child’s imagination

A healthy imagination is great for the development of your children.

It helps your child learn, have the ability to create new ideas, images and theories easily. Jungle gyms will assist your kids’ creativity, allowing them to imagine the unimaginable.

Improve fitness

Many children aren’t as active as they should be. And having a jungle gym at your house can help your child become active and fit. The jungle gym will be right in their backyard, and seeing it in front of their eyes will make them want to play, without realising it’s also a form of being active.

Time away from the screen

Children spend a significant amount of time indoors, watching tv or playing video games. It is advised that your children have time to play outside away from the screen.

Keeps children entertained

At times, it might be difficult to keep children entertained, especially during holidays. Children love playing, and unlike you, the parent, children hardly ever get tired when they’re having fun.

Better social skills

Social skills are important in every child’s development. Excellent social skills teach children how to engage with their peers. Having a jungle gym will help your children understand patience when playing with others.

Repairs & Maintenance

We do repairs and maintenance on old wooden jungle gyms, Thatch roofs and wooden Decks/ carports.
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